Our Principles

WCFO maintain its policies throughout its programs and activities. We strive to ensure that all actors along the cocoa supply chain embrace our approach for integrity and accountability.

Our policy aims to empower and strengthen members at national and international level in the cocoa sector, so cocoa farming become a profession that bring people out of poverty at the same time help develop growing communities for the present and next generation cocoa farmers.

The policies of the WCFO are as follows:

  • The organization shall be autonomous.
  • The organization has a democratic structure: freely chosen board by all affiliated members (directly or indirectly).
  • The organization is governed by democratic rules: laid down in the statutes or by-laws, transparent and accountability procedures.
  • The organization shall be non-profit making and any excess of funds received or generated from its activities must always be reinvested in the organization.
  • The accounts of the organization shall be reviewed or audited and published on a yearly basis, taken into account that it does not affect its autonomy.
  • The organization may collaborate with other entities at national, regional or international level in order to reach its aims.
  • The organization shall not have political affiliation and shall not humor in party politics.
  • Members and Associate Members of the organization shall have access to the statute of the organization upon demand.
  • Members shall be required to state that they are aware and shall keep in line of the objectives of the organization.