Our Values

On cocoa sustainability WCFO want to make sure cocoa is produced in a sustainable manner where basic human rights of farmers, farm workers and their community are respected. We promote gender equality and fight against child and forced labour in cocoa farms.

We strive, through WCFO, to led cocoa farmers around the world believe again in their profession and to see farming and community development as part of their goals, through social impacts, best practices and sustainable behaviors for the good of cocoa.

  • We value strategic partnerships with diverse actors in the sector, including governments and NGO’s, to find solutions that lead to a measurable transformations that better farmers and workers livelihoods.
  • We see cocoa farming as a profession, therefore farmers and workers should be able to earn profit for their crops, so they can reinvest in their farms and take care of their families, while protecting nature.
  • We believe in the value of empowering cocoa farmers and farm workers to play their role towards sustainability and also recognize that cocoa farmers are interdependent. With a unified farmers voice, farmers can better contribute to decision making.
  • We acknowledge the need to provide consumers with facts on farmers situation on the ground. We value their participation, as it helps to create a positive impact on the lives of farmers and workers and will also help create a better understanding between farmers and consumers knowing products meets standards.
  • We value all stakeholders in the supply chain and we acknowledge and recognize the many challenges and problems facing the cocoa sector, which cannot be solved by a single stakeholder. We recognize that partners and actors in the value chain need positive and lasting changes in the sector.
  • We encourage and promote sector reform through the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), farmers and farm workers merit modern farming  tools, technical and logistic support in diverse ways to enable them better understand how to develop and grow profitable crop that will help alleviate them form misery and hardship through adopting a more entrepreneurial approach.