Market Access

Some of the main challenge our members face with their profession is the lack of market access. Our members should be able to independently trade their cocoa beans directly to buyers. By directly buying cocoa beans from farmers, will make it possible for them to earn fair income, and will encourages the youths to become next generation cocoa farmers.

It will go a long way to improving lives, support farming families, develop communities. This will reduce poverty among farmers, that is the main agent for issues like, child and forced labour, discrimination, and deforestation in cocoa farming. 

Such, move will also be a stepping stone to pave the way for members to boost their economy capacity, and can limit urban migration among the youths.

We engage with partners in the sector, such as small and large scale chocolate manufacturers, beans traders, confectioners to encourage them to buy their cocoa beans directly from members. Through, direct sourcing, you are contributing to improving lives, promoting traceability, and building a strong, prosperous, and a sustainable cocoa sector, for everyone.