What we do

World Cocoa Farmers Organization (WCFO) is created by farmers for farmers with the goal to unite cocoa farmers under one umbrella organization and give them a unified voice in the cocoa value chain. As a global leading membership organization representing cocoa farmers and farm workers which include smallholders and organised farmer groups in cocoa producing countries worldwide. WCFO plays an active role in the cocoa value chain by protecting the interests of its members and to promote cocoa farming as a profession of choice at national and international level.

WCFO encourage and work together with partners to achieve a cocoa sector which is inclusive, transparent, and sustainable. A cocoa sector where farmers and farm workers play a role and make their contribution in order to ensure a more collective, stronger and healthy cocoa supply chain. WCFO also promote among its members better farming methods which protect the environment for future generation cocoa farmers. The organization help members through paving the way for them to be able to manage high level performance in their farms, so members can produce high quality crop, increase production and earn enough income, which will help improve their standards of living..

WCFO will also represent its members in divers platforms in the cocoa value chain which include governmental, non-governmental institutions and take part in round-table discussion and debates to represent the interest of its members and to make their contribution.

WCFO will also involve in the following:

  • Promotes inclusive and adequate national policies which benefits its  members.
  • Encourages members to work together to share experience and data
  • Participate in divers cocoa initiatives which improve member’s livelihoods.
  • Help members have access to training, modern tools, and better farming skills.
  • Work together to develop innovative projects to raise prospects for farming communities

Partnership with FarmGate Foundation (FGF)

World Cocoa Farmers Organization (WCFO) in collaboration with FarmGate Foundation (FGF) is built on mutual trust and understanding. We work together to develop innovative projects to enhance the future of our members within their communities. Partnership will also use to promote and support awareness creation among our members on, child and forced labour, gender inequality and climate change. FGF will also advocate, and lobby on behalf of the members of WCFO on the daily challenges they face across the value chain.