What we do

World Cocoa Farmers Organization (WCFO) is created by farmers for farmers with the goal to unite cocoa farmers under one umbrella organization and give them a unified voice in the cocoa value chain. As a global leading umbrella membership organization for cocoa farmers and farm workers, our members include smallholders, organised groups, coorperatives and unions in cocoa producing regions worldwide.

WCFO plays an important role in the cocoa value chain by protecting the interests of its members and to promote cocoa farming as a profession of choice at national and international level.

We also work together with other stakeholders to achieve a cocoa sector that is inclusive, transparent and sustainable. We want to see a cocoa sector where farmers and farm workers play a role and make their contribution at all level in order to ensure a strong and healthy cocoa sector.

We promote among our members better farming methods to improve their livelihoods, protect the environment and safe guide future generation of cocoa farmers. WCFO help members to be able to manage high level performance in their farms, so members can produce high quality cocoa crop, increase production and earn enough income, which will help better their living standards and that of their family.

We collaborate with the Farmgate Cocoa Alliance to build the capacity of members, partnership is based on mutual understanding and with the aim to empower and strengthen members capacity through the provision of training, inputs and also to advocacate and lobby for farmers interest across the value chain.

W also work with the FCA to make it possible for members to be able to acquire better skills and to share their valuable insights about their profession with other stakeholders,  these will help provide needed solutions to overcome the challenges facing them and the sector at large, together we can achieve a sustainable cocoa sector.