The cocoa value chain comprises of divers stakeholders, including farmers, governments, NGO’s, traders, chocolate manufacturers and retailers. Even though, stakeholders have divers role and interests, stkeholders do share common concerns on human rights, environment and sustainability.

Achieving this means developing partnerships that allows you to communicate freely, express your opinion, discuss with other on in other to align ideas and reduce cost. Finding a reliable partner you can trust is the key to a successful partnership. Trusting would not mean completely agreeing to everything, or thinking the same way as the other.

WCFO partnerships is based on scales and thus revolutionizing the cocoa sector towards the direction of social and economic development. We collaborate with the public, and private sectors, to create better mutual understanding of partnership, working towards securing long-term sustainable cocoa sector.

We are the partner you need, if you want to archive your dreams.

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  • Collectively secure a sustainable cocoa sector
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