Our members are cocoa farmers and farm workers which include, smallholder,  cooperatives, unions and  association of cocoa farmers worldwide. We operate and have members in many countries in cocoa produince regions and in countries such as: Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Ghana, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nigeria, Jamaica and Venezuela. 

World Cocoa Farmers Organiazation is the world leading platform that bring farmers together to give them a voice and create opportunities for them to cooperate and make their contribution in decision making process at cocoa producing platforms at national and international level in the sector.

Our members are motivated and committed to implement steps in the areas of policy, human rights and sustainability that improve their livelihood, protect rigths children and women, protect cocoa farming profession and at the same time safe guarding the environment.

Membership is open for smallholders cocoa farmers and farm workers, coorperatives, unions and associations.

Are you interested in becoming a member ? kindly contact us by sending an mail at: info@ worldcocoa


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