Buillding members capacity

World Cocoa Farmers Organization (WCFO) is collaborating with partners to build the capacity of its members, so members become self-reliance, empowered and strengthen their position and profession. Collaboration will also improve members farming skills because of receiving training based on GAPs.

Our members are working hard to make sure cocoa is produced in a sustainable manner, where member’s respect the rights of children. Members must lead the way to make cocoa farming a profession they can believe in so the young generation will have the interest to embrace cocoa farming as a profession of choice. WCFO is also a platform to facilitate data sharing among members and partners in the cocoa value chain.

WCFO work towards a strong and healthy cocoa sector where all actors play their role and take their responsibility seriously. The organization also encourage members to work together and share experience including other important information which will help improve cocoa farming and better member’s livelihoods.

FarmGate Foundation
World Cocoa Farmers Organization (WCFO) is collaborating with the FarmGate Foundation to help build the capacity of its members. Partnership which is based on mutual cooperation and respect is design to empower and strengthen the capacity of WCFO members through the provision of activities such as, training, inputs, advocacy, lobbying and campaign across the cocoa supply chain.