At WCFO, we are committed to promoting a strong, healthy, and sustainable cocoa sector, where by all stakeholders, play their deserve role, and take their responsibility seriously. We encourage, and support members, to work together and share experience, and important information that will improve the quality of cocoa farming, and better members living standards. Our goal to make sure cocoa beans are produced, and consume in a sustainable manner.

As a result, we collaborate with divers partners in order to build the capacity of members, so members can acquire the support they need to become sustainable producers. Collaboration is aimed improving members farming skill, and capacity through the provision of training on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs).

As the only global membership organization for cocoa farmers WCFO, is the perfect platform to be use in facilitating farmer, and farm activities. We also possess the know-how, and the capacity to make cocoa farming profession attractive to the young generation.

Cocoa farmers, and farm workers, must be part of sector sustainability initiatives, as they are those to implement these activities in their farms. Farmers must be empowered, and strengthen to be self-reliance, and can freely contribute their profession expertise.