Members Challenges

The unfavourable social and economic environment of cocoa farmers and farm workers keeps worsening by the day. Lack of awareness, inadequate infrastructure, and issues like climate change and deforestation and the imposing multiple roles and obligations continue to weakening our members. Members recognize that together these the above issues play active role to hindered the development of their livelihoods, and prevent them from achieving the benefit of their profession.

Members in collaboration with other stakeholders can freely choose, what is working for them and their profession. By offering training, good prices, honest business transactions and fair price, is key to overcome cocoa sector, challenges.

Low level of participation and involvement of members due to:

  • Lack of knowledge on cooperative principles and skills
  • Non- democratic practice
  • Poor management
  • Poor transfer of information

Low volume of production due to:

  • Crop pest and diseases
  • Aging plantation
  • Lack of knowledge (in)sustainable farming methods
  • High cost of production

Inconsistent quality due to:

  • Lack of understanding of quality and pest control
  • Limited assistance or control on farm

Weak trading capacity due to:

  • Insufficient primary processing equipment and materials
  • Shortage of skilled staff in management and operation development
  • Shortage of lack of walking capital
  • Weak marketing strategies

External constraints such as:

  • Environmental degradation and deforestation
  • Less inform about sector activities and zero capacity to participate
  • Continues fluctuation of the international prices for cocoa