How We Work

Our approach is based on our values

We support members, and partner activities which are collaborative, educating, engaging, inspiring and can make the sector become 100% sustainable. We are focus on providing to our members, and partners what our values and promises are. We want to know, and work towards implementing needed responses to provide the solutions that protect sector collective interest. We make sure members are fairly, and appropriately represented at divers sector initiatives.

We collaborate with partner to generate innovative grass root ideas towards a solutions that pave the way to develop to develop cocoa sustainable projects, to overcome sector challenges particularly those affecting farmers, and farming communities.

Some of the things we do:

  • Promote inclusive adequate cocoa policies for members
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders to promote cocoa sustainability
  • Encourage members to share experience and meaningful informations
  • Organise workshops and conference
  • Participate in divers initiatives to improve members livelihoods.
  • Support member with access to training, tools and inputs.
  • Develop and implement advocacy projects to improve