How we work

The World Cocoa Farmers Organization works with Farmgate Cocoa Alliance (FCA) to make sure its members are highly, fairly and properly represented at divers platforms in the cocoa value chain. Next to developing and implementing farmers lead initiatives FCA also advocate and lobby and to take part in round-table discussion and debates to put farmers perspectives on the table and make a contribution based on the facts in cocoa growing communities. Some of the activites includes to:

  • Promote inclusive and adequate national policies which benefits its  members.
  • Encourage members to work together to share experience and data
  • Participate in divers cocoa initiatives which improve member’s livelihoods.
  • Help member have access to training, modern tools, and better farming skills.
  • Work together to develop projects to improve cocoa farming communities.

Our collaboration make it possible to develop innovative grass root ideas paving the way to develop diagnostic solutions which is converted into sustainable projects, that will help to overcome the challenges of the sector, particularly those affecting farmers and farming communities.

Partnership will also use to promote and support awareness creation among members of WCFO in issues like: child and forced labour, gender inequality and climate change. Farmgate Cocoa Alliance will also advocate, and lobby on behalf of WCFO to bring forward the challenges our members face in their community to the value chain.