About Us

The World Cocoa Farmers Organization (WCFO) is a global leading umbrella organization for cocoa farmers and farm workers. WCFO was established in 2014 by cocoa farmers from across the global, with its head quarter based in Accra, Ghana and the head secretariat located in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Our objectives is to empower and strengthen the position of our members (cocoa farmers and farm workers) at all level in the cocoa value chain. We protect the interests of our members and bring to light the challenges they face daily in their profession.

As an umbrella body for farmers and farm workers, we have as a responsibility to promote and protect the rights and interest of our members at the some-time encourage sustainable cocoa farming practices among members. We also call for farmers inclusion in sector intiatives, so togetherwe will be able to preserved equality, self-reliance, respect that will pave the way to secure cocoa sustainability.

Our objectives

  • Defend members’ rights and interests.
  • Protect rights of children and women.
  • Promote members economic and social livelihoods.
  • Partner to facilitate access to market for members.
  • Boost members bagging position in the value chain.
  • Encourage sustainable farming among members.

We serve our members who are cocoa farmers and farm workers across the globe, by giving them a stronger position at National and International roundtable discussion of the cocoa economy, while promoting and supporting cocoa farming profession.