About Us

Establish in 2016, the World Cocoa Farmers Organization (WCFO) is a Global Umbrella Membership Organization for Cocoa Farmers, and Farm Workers. As the cocoa sector, only independent farmers voice, WCFO has the obligation to defend, protect the interest of its members worldwide, and also to encourage a sustainable cocoa sector. Our Members includes: Cooperatives, Unions, Associations, Federation, and Farmers Business Groups.

WCFO persuade a sustainable cocoa sector, by which it can independently play its deserve role in the areas of: policy, trade, environment, and sustainability at national and international stage, in order to ensure that its members well-being are protected, and taking into consideration.

WCFO collaborate with major partners including the ICCO, to address serious sector issues, and to enable the atmosphere to sensitize, support its members to become sustainable cocoa entrepreneur, and inspire next generation cocoa entrepreneurs. We also organise workshops, and bring members together to share their experiences among themselves and stimulate the implementation of UN sustainable development goals.