About Us

The World Cocoa Farmers Organization (WCFO) is a global membership umbrella organization for cocoa farmers and farm workers. WCFO was established in 2014 by cocoa farmers for cocoa farmers to empower and strengthen their position at all levels in the cocoa value chain.

As a global umbrella body for cocoa farmers and farm workers, WCFO has as a responsibility to defend and to protect the interest of its members, and bring to light the challenges they face daily in their profession, and also encourage and promote sustainable cocoa farming among members.

WCFO advocates members inclusion in cocoa sector policy initiatives and sustainability activities, in order to preserve equality, self-reliance and respect, which pave the way to secure long-term cocoa sustainability. 

As an organization, WCFO also organize conferences and training workshops to make it possible for members to learn and share their experiences among themselves as cocoa entrepreneur in order to safe-guard cocoa farming profession now and in the future.